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Lola Amanda Berezowska-Paasonen was born in Russia, her childhood was spent in the scenic area of this country in Bashkiria republic. Green fields, honey flowers and cold rivers of the Urals have inspired artists since childhood.

The parents of Lola are teachers in third generation, they embedded in their daughter the love of art and music and contributed to her successful studies in the music and art schools.

The daughters of Lola are Diana- Rebecca and Amaliia and they also continue their mothers passion for the arts. Their works can also be seen here on the website.

After attending the Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M.Akmulla

Lola obtained her master's degree in phsycology for children.

She got a second degree in 2003 after finishing the Academic School of Design in Moscow, for subjects of decor and styling of the interiors.

She has been working with and teaching the preschool children and older and has taught in the Design-studio for kids and adults.

She has entered and has had her art and works displayed at numerous art exhibitions, international competitions including the festival of arts and the teacher of practical design stripes, so she is into the design of many types of clothing and is proficient in the creating and restoration of many items of interior decorating. Her exclusive works designed by her, are liked by and bring interest to the fans of handmade items.

Lola invariably remains in the spotlight of a jury of her talent. Her works are in private collections of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, USA.

Now  Lola  lives and works in Finland. This beautiful country with its colorful character has inspired her to produce the new motives in her work. In 2015 took place three her personal exhibitions in Mikkeli and Helsinki, Finland

To meet the works of Lola and to order her painting or portraits, objects of interior decorating or to get existing available merchandise you can always visit our website.